Here is a Status Page to let you know what games I have lined up for review. **Updated 5/19/16**

Queued for Publish to YouTube:

Life: School Years & Life: Adult Years by Amos Rozet!

The Upside by Kevin Warner & Jonathan Zarco

In Queue: Up Next

Storms over Shambhala by Mythos Method LLC

Capital Combat by ________________

The Road To Ruin The Road To Ruin by Hero Forge Games

Besieged by Concrete Canoe Games

In Queue: In "No Particular Order"

Pirate Booty Grab by Zovu Games

Contract by Bryan Koch

Can't Catch Me, Olivia by John Bintz

Shattered Stars by Antvector Games

Alien Labyrinth by Counter Clockwork

12 Doors by Montanadan57's Games

Legacy by Erick Harding

Sutakku by Smirk and Dagger Games

Dungeon Escape! Deluxe by Stone Tablet Games

Dark Lords by Stone Tablet Games

Draco Magi by Robert Burke Games

Dungeon Zone by Montanadan57's Games

Welcome to Storm Crow Manor by Matthew Koutzun

Galapagos! by Wolfgang and Sons

Roads and Rails, Rivers and Trails by designed for play™ games

Scarborough Fair by Allen Lamb

Turbulence by Andrew Enslow

Lagoon: Land of the Druids by 3 Hares Games

The Captain Is Dead by Joe Price and JT Smith

Bad Bully by Anton Spaulding

Jupiter Rescue by Twilight Creations, inc

Foodtown Throwdown by Argyle Games

Suit Up by Val Teixeira

Mr. Wankan's Class: The Card Game by Mr. Wankan and his class

Neptune by Grey Gnome Games

Porn: The Game by Mondo Pirate Media