Initial Thoughts: Blood & Fortune by Charles Ward

Starting off with the word from the creator:

Blood & Fortune is a tense, competitive card game of negotiation, deduction, and betrayal. You must offer influence in order to gain influence while trying to deduce who is winning and avoid helping them further. Giving too much influence too early, or withholding it too long, might cost you the game. More importantly, only the strongest and most recent alliances will triumph.
Optional role cards and special actions provide variety, depth, and a touch of misfortune. Now, bring your friends close and your enemies closer to see who will prevail throughBlood & Fortune!

This is another example of a game with great art. The creators really took their time and it all looks top notch. 

Some of the games stand out features:

  • Non-collectable. This is a complete game in one purchase. 
  • co-localized: the game is in both english and Chinese and is thematically cooler for it.
  • a light 72 cards are all it takes no frivolous spinners or tracking meeples.
  • Different House's give an almost Game of thrones feel, or even templar/assassins theme.

I will of course be sitting down to film a play through and get a video up on this game by Friday. so stay tuned for more info on Blood & Fortune!

If you just cannot wait, here is their official site: buy your copy today!