Season 4 Episode 5: The Forevergone

Great game at a great price. Check it out over at and see what everyone else is saying about it for example: Father Geek, Dad's Gaming Addiction, and The Sanity Test.

The Forevergone Stand Out Features:

  •  Simple Deck Building Mechanic : 20 Playable Configurations!
  •  Unique Engine : Every Card is Action, Resource, and Life!
  •  50 Art Cards to Collect/Trade 
  • Plus a Bonus Music Discount!
  • Deep Lore that runs through the game and into other products as well, see music by The Vailix!
  • Clear Components List: so you know how many cards you where expecting in your box.
  • Back by the first class customer service at The Game Crafter!

Although The Forevergone is a site advertiser, I take my Reviewing seriously, see "send me a shit game get a shit review" article from earlier.

Now for some words on the game from the creators:

Welcome to planet Atla, now known as the Cloud Ocean after an 800 year old cataclysm turned a world of high technology and culture into one of airships, mutants, fantasy, and survival! Play as one of the Forevergone, an exiled psychic warrior, pitting your wits and skills against others like you as you learn to harness your abilities and become a master of the five disciplines of mental combat!

Battle your friends using Thoughts (cards) to inflict or deflect Trauma (damage) in this turn-based, combat-strategy card game. Players use the simple deck building mechanic to construct one of 20 playable decks; that's nearly 400 possible 1-on-1 match-ups right out of the box! Each card represents an action or item, but also acts as part of your resource pool, as well as your life total! Trauma forces cards to be discarded in an attempt to get the upper hand on your opponent. Once a player has accumulated 15 or more Trauma, they are out of the game. The game ends with the last player remaining declared the victor.

The Forevergone is an XCG, or Expandable Card Game, and as such, includes everything you need to play the full core game as part of the initial purchase. No additional purchase is necessary for two people to go head-to-head!

And because everyone loves pretty stuff, we have also included a collectible/tradable component in parallel with the game for people interested in our stunning artwork and talented artists! These cards are purely for additional fun, and have no bearing on the game at all. Each art card in the collection features the artwork from one of our supremely talented artists, the title of the image, name of the artist, and where you can go online to find out more about that artist. We love our artists, and we'd love for you to love them too!

And as an added bonus, we have included a special discount code for 50% off of the debut EP "Aeronaut" by The Vailix, providing the official, hard rocking soundtrack to the world of the Cloud Ocean! You can find more about the band and how their music connects to the larger story at!

Each box of The Forevergone includes 108 cards: Instructions (3, no border), Game Cards (100, black border), Collectible Art Cards (4, gold border), Bonus Music Card (1, white border).

If at any time you lose your Instruction cards, you can always download a PDF copy of the rules here on the product page for free. And to help new players get started quickly, we have included a PDF game play walkthrough guide with photos and descriptions available for free as well. See the Downloads section below.