When you send me a s*** game, you get a s*** review


You get back what you put in

You get back what you put in


I know its probably not a popular topic of conversation, but as an indie reviewer. I am sick of receiving low effort games. Typos in the rulebooks, poor card layouts, weak readability. 

I am sure its important to you to get a review so you can point to it and say "see, my game is worth the money" but, I will not let just any game get reviewed and get praise. This is a departure from my previous methodology. But I have to start facing facts.

I don't have time to waste on your hand cut out game.

I do look forward to reviewing your game if you have seriously made your best effort. If your game looks like it was created by a middle-school group project, I will rip it apart. 

I make games too, I know its a lot of work. But the industry doesn't have room for made-in-a-day games. Proof read your rules. Read them out loud. Then get someone else to read them to you. If someone cannot set up your game without you in the room, you are not ready to have it reviewed.

Now that we're through the tough talk. I am going to start getting my back catalogue punched through in quick order. I have stated that I'll be doing reviews live via youtube and twitch, Keep checking the twitter for "I'm Live" announcements.

Hugs and Kisses,