The Forevergone: Initial Thoughts

The Forevergone

The Forevergone

Ok so. I review indie games, mostly. 90% of those are rushed prototypes that some kid made on 3x5 cards or some adult made with clipart and solid color box art. 

The makers of The Forevergone reached out and asked for a review in a very professional manner. Which excited me, but I have a policy, please submit the request for reviews via the website. This gives me a unified keyword search in my email to look up all the games that have been asked to reviewed, and which I have replied to or not. It's selfish, but it keep me organized.

They circled back with me a couple days later and sent the request through the website. I was very grateful and emailed them right back. They noted that they where able to read the policy and that it made sense to them. That they wanted to send a spare copy for give away. (note, THEY DID) 

I have since looked it over and I am blown away. The artwork is top notch. Like This game is seriously pretty and thematic. It is in my top 5 games of all time from The Game Crafter in the looks department, for sure. This alone made me want to start up an article writing process for games I'm going to review.

As you know, I am trying to move to a Live Stream review process. While I get that set up and get some equipment in for it. I want to tease you about the games I am going to review with these articles. So that Hopefully, You'll be Checking the Twitter more often to see if I am about to go live. Also, Since moving to Square Space, I have a email list built with Mail Chimp. Please Sign up for the Newsletter and you'll get email notifications as well. 

But back to the game. The Forevergone does a lot that I like for an indie game. It comes in a box of cards. there are 3 double sided rule cards that are quick to separate due to the different backs. There is a link in the rules to a video for further gameplay examples to help settle any misinterpretations. There are 4 random collectible art works in each deck. these are gold bordered and on the right of the image above. As well as an in game advertisement card. The game makers also made a soundtrack to the world this game is set in. and with the code on the "The Vailix" card you can get it cheap. Then play the soundtrack while you play for atmosphere and world tie in.

Now for some words straight from the website:

Welcome to planet Atla, now known as the Cloud Ocean after an 800 year old cataclysm turned a world of high technology and culture into one of airships, mutants, fantasy, and survival! Play as one of the Forevergone, an exiled psychic warrior, pitting your wits and skills against others like you as you learn to harness your abilities and become a master of the five disciplines of mental combat!

Battle your friends using Thoughts (cards) to inflict or deflect Trauma (damage) in this turn-based, combat-strategy card game. Players use the simple deck building mechanic to construct one of 20 playable decks; that’s nearly 400 possible 1-on-1 match-ups right out of the box! Each card represents an action or item, but also acts as part of your resource pool, as well as your life total! Trauma forces cards to be discarded in an attempt to get the upper hand on your opponent. Once a player has accumulated 15 or more Trauma, they are out of the game. The game ends with the last player remaining declared the victor.

The Forevergone is an XCG, or Expandable Card Game, and as such, includes everything you need to play the full core game as part of the initial purchase. No additional purchase is necessary for two people to go head-to-head!

Each box of The Forevergone includes 108 cards: Instructions (3, no border), Game Cards (100, black border), Collectible Art Cards (4, gold border), Bonus Music Card (1, white border).