Big Big Big Big Big Changes a coming.

Ok fans. There is a lot going on at the Broken Prism Compound. We have started Developing our own RPG for Mac and iOS. We are starting to broadcast a little of our PS4 time. Some hijinks about getting a Live stream set up for Board Game Reviews. Our Fitness Blog over at is up and running again (walking mostly but running soon enough) So, Thanks again for your dedication and sticking with me. I will be marathon Streaming this weekend. Playing as many of the games I have in my Queue as possible. I will be setting up a donate button to help me get some better equipment. for future broadcasts. I'll be posting affiliate links (like this on for King of Tokyo) for you to buy things from various shops that will in turn help support me. I'll be selling t-shirts and other Merch. All of this and more will be ways you can help me get this dream of mine off the ground.

I've also written about 20% of my first novel. I hope to journal some of those changes for you and possible even do a Q&A or an AMA or something. There are a lot of options for doing Facebook Live videos. Or something over on Reddit. All of these and more will be announced in the coming days. As well as a Website move with links to all the new things going on.


Much love,