Broken Prism Reviews S4E3: Boomtown Bandits


Boomtown Bandits was a fantastic time. There is something special about games that offer "live play" where you have to take you turn as fast as you can to win. I really enjoy the dice rolling mechanic in the game. It alone is enough to attract the casual board game player.

The strategy that lurks in the hidden biding for robbery locations is top tier. You have to play against the personality of the other people at the table, against all the available public information, i.e. who has cards from which locations, How many cards are left at each location, and how have they been using that coward token.

The game is both light enough for my wife to get into it, but deep enough that my brother and I where constantly trying to out maneuver each other, how did that work for us? My wife won, but she always wins the first time at any board game. It's as statistically baffling as Hillary Clinton winning 6 out of 6 coin tosses (1.6% chance, for the record).