Broken Prism Reviews S4E2: MOD X


In MOD X you are attempting to outwit your opponent to build patterns on the board and score the most space on the board.I found it very engaging, With each person getting to place one X then its the next players turn this allowed for quick turns which keeps the players engaged and in the zone.

As stated in the video, the only real gripe would be that the Red and Orange look super similar. It's a really nit picky complaint for the average user but for the colorblind or those with near colorblindness its could ruin the game. If I had a family member or friend that would be hindered by this, I'd just spray paint the orange ones blue. But I'm unique in that I can easily overcome the small things.

The game play is really heady, and amazingly strategic. My brothers and I growing up would play Chess, Othello, and Quarto. Abstract strategy is one of those genres I always love going back to for the real thinkers style of gaming, and MOD X delivers.