Kingdom of Meeples: Minis for Agricola by Kingdom Of Meeples — On Kickstarter Now


Kingdom of Meeples by Kingdom Of Meeples — Kickstarter.

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So it makes a bit of sense to see some cool add-ons for the game. If you want to Bring your copy of Agricola to the next level then look no further than Kingdom of Meeples: Agricola Minis! On Kickstarter Now!

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 It is our team’s great honor to invite you to the wonderful kingdom of meeples, a world full of emotions and magic!

Everything is changing in our life! Progress is rapidly evolving the world around us. Automobiles, household appliances, computers, phones and all kinds of gadgets constantly attract our attention. We get pleasure by dropping those that are just barely out of fashion in favor of the newer things!

The world of board games is not an exception! Games have become more difficult and at the same time considerably more interesting than ever before. They are full of exciting geopolitical scenarios that put you in the driver’s seat of resolving modern and not so modern economic and domestic tasks. Many games also include playing fields that are made more colorful, bright and inviting than ever before. But what about the characters of these games? They may have great names, but they still have the same dull looks. They are just the same as before, a bunch of circular, squares and triangular boring figures!

MEEPLES deserve to be developed into new exciting figures!

We and our loved ones spend a lot of time within the exciting world of board games. During a game we begin by providing our characters a voice, we construct a story of their life; we assign them their habits and even their temperament. For just a short while their world becomes our world and we get lost in it. Once-upon-a-time one of our more artistic friends placed a set of small figures onto a game field. He sculpted them personally from the polymer clay. His characters suddenly came alive. He won that day and he was winning much more frequently than any other participant! We were helpless until our friend, who studied in the School of Art, made the same set of characters for us! We felt invigorated when each of us started playing with our own team of newly sculpted, custom characters. This is when it became clear that these are not just external changes.

We want to make your playing days more exciting by bring you a new generation meeples.

                    –  THIS IS THE EVOLUTION OF MEEPLES!!!


The main criteria for choosing manufacturing methods, was to make sure that each character personality comes alive at a first glance. It was a hard task for us to reproduce identical figures, but that was not enough. To achieve our goals, our team had learned state-of-the-art technologies: 3D scanning, creating of silicone shapes, and casting of complex shapes. However, we always kept in mind that the creation and decoration of inimitable objects is made by the hands of kind and talented people.

  Each set  will be packed in its original box for easy and safe storage of your meeples!

8 May Update.

8 May Update. "Five Families Set" becomes bigger - now with "Farmers of the Moor Set" and "Guest + Starting Player Token"!! For everyone who has already pledged or going to pledge!
8 May Update.

8 May Update. "Full Set For Agricola" becomes bigger - now with "Farmers of the Moor Set"!! For everyone who has already pledged or going to pledge!
8 May Update.

8 May Update. "Special Edition Set" becomes bigger - now with "Farmers of the Moor Set"!! For everyone who has already pledged or going to pledge! Backer, your full name will be applied on the wooden box!

 We had to develop complex technology of manufacturing to make sure that each character is kept as warm as if author’s hand just touched it.

  • We deliver rewards around the world by Air Mail
  • We deliver each original packed set in additional mail box
  • Delivery prices are friendly all over the world
  • 'Early Birds' for Fans with Love
  • Special discount prices for backers on Kickstarter
  • Soon we will surprise you with new meeples and board games!

Fans of board games, we are getting our Kickstarter campaign off the ground and we strongly believe in your kind support for our project

We are sure that you will find enjoyment in new emotions and impressions when playing with your new meeples! Let’s participate in the evolution of meeples together and bring the game to life !

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