Baby Jesus: the Card Game On Kickstarter Now!


Baby Jesus: the Card Game is a strategy game that is fun for the whole family! Brief Overview:

The first to gain 42 followers is the winner! Gain Followers by sending Disciples on Mission Trips. Have a Preach-Off to take out an enemy. Defend against enemy Disciples with Agnostics. Beef up, slow down, or mess with the guys in play using Blessings, Curses, and Miracles. Baby Jesus, the scorekeeper, also has super powers.

How to Play:

All cards that you play or actions that you take happen on your own turn, in any order that you like.

Communion Wafers are the currency for this game. The number on the top left of a card is how many wafers it costs to play. On the first turn you can only spend one wafer. The second turn you have two to spend. By the time the third turn comes around… You guessed it! 3 wafers! And so on. Spend them wisely and you will dominate. As the game goes on, things get very exciting because you are able to play more powerful cards. If you lose track of how many wafers you have available: Smoke less weed or keep track with dice. Your choice but the author prefers the latter.

Each player starts with their Baby Jesus to the right of their deck, to help keep score. Slide a paper clip around Baby Jesus and when you get to 42 Followers, you become the winner, but more importantly - they become the loser. Baby Jesus' Super Powers help keep the game moving and are great for using up excess wafers. Only one Relic may be played on Baby Jesus at a time and may be used to damage an enemy once per turn. When it has been exhausted, it is sent to hell, a warm cozy place to the left of your deck.

Baby Jesus is on Kickstarter now.

If you have a very open sense of humor, this could be the best thing you have ever seen. Whats not to love about a baby Jesus wielding a mini-gun. Smiting the heathens has never been so adorable!