Having a life while running a kickstarter?

I find myself unable to focus on anything but my project running on kickstarter. I have so many other responsibilities in my life at the moment, I am working on two critical projects at work, while trying to not let my sales activity backslide. I am also needing to get some content pulled together for my next board game Dive! Dive! Dive! that you have seen some sample artwork for. All while also stressing about my upcoming wedding. I am curious what other project creators do. I can't imagine James Mathe has an easier time, with running a game store, designing his own games and publishing those of others, all while having family and friends. I must confess I don't read much of what he writes on his blog, and i'm assured that I should. He seems to have a lot to say on the topic and the industry.

I will likely start to make that a priority, I find that although i don't traditionally have time to read blogs, I do find that if I turn on speech to text, I can listen to them mush like I do the podcasts from All Us Geeks, Scroobius Pip, and The Game Crafter. This will have to just be one more thing I shoehorn in between making my video reviews, designing games, catching up on tv shows, and getting in some exercise.

I hope you, as my audience, don't mind this personal entry. I am in a great state of flux. I am at one of the best places in my life, but am struggling to find the time to enjoy it. Some of you may know I purchased a home in November last year, and things with it have been up and down. Had plumbing problems in the guest bathroom, the heater fried to of its wires, the auto timers for my soaker hoses cracked during the recent cold snap. Yet, having the extra space, and my own home office has been a blessing, well worth every bump in the road.

Things I'd really like to see shape up around here include:

  • WYWIWYG: Among Things getting funded on kickstarter
  • Get caught up on my review queue
  • Get Barcodes for my games, and get them listed on Amazon
  • Secure a large customer at work, while keeping the current customer base active.
  • Reach my next weight loss goal
  • Get my taxes done (sooner than later)

Hopefully by listing the goals in this public manner. It will engender a response from you. I'd love to see some words of encouragement, and maybe even constructive advice on how to balance everything I've taken on. I certainly do not want to leave any of the projects, I love being busy, I'd just like to find a time to be busy at the task of enjoyment.

Last and certainly not least, please visit my kickstarter, decide for yourself if you'd like to become a backer, but at the very least, leave a comment on the page about what influenced your decision. Generating activity on a KS page is the number one way to help a project creator. It boosts their page in the algorithm and gets seen by more potential backers.