WYSIWYG is Live on Kickstarter!

In WYSIWYG you play a light fingered thief. Your goal is to loot, pickpocket, and burgle your way to fame and riches. IMG_6269

Each player is attempting to collect Items, everyone gets one go at stealing from the target. As you collect the items, you will trade them in at a Fence each fence is represented by a color token. When you have 3 items with the same color Token. i.e. the locked Chest, The Ancient Tablet, and the Treasure Map. You trade them into the Green Fence. You get a Green wink to represent being "Solid" with this Fence.

Winner is the first thief to become "Solid" with 5 of the 7 available Fences. But keep an eye out. The other thieves maybe aiming to take your ill-gotten goods from you! And with the Fence Rewards come item cards that can assist in their nefarious plans to take your loot, freeze it in place, or use a fire bomb to wipe it from existence. Because, in WYSIWYG there truly is "No Honor Among Thieves"



Here is a list of components that are in the prototype:

Dice Sticker (120) Tall Booklet (1) Hex Deck (1 deck of 15 cards) Hex Deck (1 deck of 33 cards) Medium Pro Box (1) D6, Indented, Blank, Black (5) Tall People, Black (1) Wink, Blue (5) Wink, Green (5) Wink, Red (5) Wink, White (5) Wink, Yellow (5)


Stretch Goals!

- $4500 - Characters

We had the idea early on to add character cards that give slight advantage in certain aspects.  examples:

Inigo - The Nightowl - can change any die result (excluding Guards!!!) to a Stealth on their first roll.

Rufus - The Greedy - Takes two rewards when turning in a set to a Fence

Esmerelda - The Crafty - Can swap treasures with another player if her roll matches a card she has.

Hector - The Connected - Can re-roll a Guards if Surrounded on first roll.

Stephanie - The Pyro - while using Fire Bombs, Roll a dice, she can target two items with the matching  result (if guard, bomb is a dud)

***TBA*** - ***TBA*** - Back It, Design It, we can print and playtest it to get it in the final game.

- $5000 - Engraved Dice

I have been looking over options to get the dice made in bulk and I would really like to get these dice into the game for everybody. If we do get to this level, then the Collectors edition will get an exclusive Color Variant for the dice.

- $10000 - Professional Artwork

Up to this point, All the art done on Wysiwyg: Among Thieves has been done completely with free game icons and my own very poor photoshop skills. If we reach this stretch goal, I will hire an artist to reskin the entire game with professional artwork. I want this game to be the best it can be, but I cannot shoulder the upfront costs to get it done myself. I truly need your help.

- $12000 - Custom Packaging

As it stands, Wysiwyg will be printed and distributed by The Game Crafter. but If we can reach this Stretch goal, I will be able to take the game to QPC, Panda GM, or WinGo and get a box that fits just right, with inserts and a high quality game all around. Depending on the manufacturer, we hope to also bring some more fanciness to the collectors edition, Maybe some foil stamped action, possibly a Collectors Edition Tin box. The options really open up to us at this funding level.


Risks and challenges

After my Successful Kickstarter for HOST last year, I feel really confident that I have the tools and know how to knock this one out of the park. But if I where to say there are challenges, they would have to be in the form of doing the fulfillment myself. Last time I used The Game Crafter to Bulk Fulfill my Kickstarter rewards. But this time, I want to be more hands on. I will be ordering Custom Dice, Regular Dice, Custom Tokens, Regular Tokens, Roll up Mats, and so on.... The only challenge is negotiating when these various parts will arrive, and then assembling them in my Home Office. I hate going in saying, "embrace for a delay" but I want to be completely honest with you. There is a chance of a delay.