Have the computers begun programming us?

On Kickstarter Now! Electromagnet: Book Of Rebel Nations! Electromagnate Book of Rebel Nations is a two hundred page comic book that pits ancients of renown against modern technology.


This book caught my attention. I have always loved account stories, the lost lore of civilizations past. This collection takes a hard look at those stories and rips them forward in time to the present day. How would Odin handle twitter? How many Instagram friends would Ariel the mermaid have? Would Alexander The Great get that promotion at the call center? These examples may not be covered in this book, but it gives you a rough idea of the sort of thing we are dealing with here.

Here are some words from the Creator:

The world is at a turning point, a foretold point in the expansion of technology. The power of computers and global data networks are within reach of billions of people worldwide.

Have we been at this point in technology before? When? Where? How did it turn out? Are some of those answers encoded in the legends passed down from long ago?

Human devouring robots, self replicating artificial intelligence, an electromagnetic nervous system covering the earth. If earth was a baby in the womb humans would be the cells. Horror stories have weaker setups than the technology news in our modern times.

The combination of knowledge about computer information theory as well as human sensory perception and psychology could lead to a loss of free will for 99% of humanity. That's optimistic, actually, 100% of humanity could lose their free will.

Are you curious to see how it will all go down? This book is a about that.

If that description doesn't make you excited, then I'm at a loss. This book screams for me to read it, and to have it on my shelve in beautiful Hard Cover. With three weeks left in the campaign, you too can get this tome for your book shelve, and be proud to have brought independent writing, independent artwork into the world.

We need more creative people in the world, and that how I feel when searching through Kickstarter. I like to bring to your attention the items that I truly believe deserve being made. I like to curate a little bit, But I am also a backer. I don't recommend anything with out putting my money where my mouth is. I am eager to read the full story and you should be too.