safe_image.phpBILLY THE PYRO: Volume One is a coming of age story about an adolescent teenager full of angst and superpowers. Collects Issues 1-4 in this 120-page TPB.


Last year when I first got into Kickstarter, I helped launch issue 1 for BILLY THE PYRO. I am more than pleased that a year later they are still making this book. Now, I have an opportunity to back their new kickstarter, and get the first four issues, in a single book. This comic book, touches on some dark places. It delves into the mind of a teenage boy, how dreads going to school because of bullies, who would do anything to not go home because of an abusive father, and who just wants to fit in, to belong.

But, This book also delivers on the lightheartedness of coming to terms with having superpowers, Trying to get the girl, and trying to out do the slightly older super hero at the new day-job. The narrative in the first issue was very strong and engaging, I am really looking forward to being able to read through the next four issues.

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Billy the Pyro is a not so normal coming of age story about an adolescent teenager, Billy. Having to deal with his abusive and troubled past; Billy try’s to just get by in life anyway he can. That’s all about to change though by the same people who created his life to begin with. Billy soon finds out that he has been genetically altered by a government research institute called GAPRI (Genetic Alteration and Pyrokinesis Research Institute) to be able to produce and control the element of fire. Being brought in by GAPRI, Billy eventually teams up with them to help fight and protect those from past experiments gone wrong. Billy now with even more questions, not only has to cope with his new found abilities, but struggle’s to put his past behind him as he finds out who he truly is and his purpose in life.


BILLY THE PYRO Vol. 1 will be 120 pages in total which will collect issues 1-4, as well as a behind the scenes and art section with pin-ups from various artist. BILLY THE PYRO is published through Alterna Comics.

BILLY THE PYRO is written by Brad Burdick, Illustrated by Fabian Cobos, Colored by Eddy Swan, and lettered by Marshall Dillon & Crank!.

Here's some words from the project page:

Risks and challenges

The team and I are currently finishing up the last issue in BILLY THE PYRO Vol. 1. As well as all graphic design elements that need to be finalized before sending everything off to the printers.

After having 100% fulfilled my previous Kickstarter. I feel even more confident about getting this one out to everyone within (if not before) the estimated delivery time.

As life itself is full of many surprises, there are always possibilities for delays. If any do arise, I will notify and keep everyone up-to-date.

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