Episode 14: Menagerie by Allen Lamb


Collect the most impressive animals!

Menagerie is a quick and fun card game for 2-4 players. Build the most impressive collection of animals while trying to not let your opponents take advantage of your moves.

In Menagerie you collect cards to build animals and collect animals to build collections. But when you pick cards that you can't use, you may have to give them to another player. Menagerie is quick to learn, quick to play and more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Menagerie is a fun, fast card game. It took a little bit to decipher the rules for gameplay but hopefully my video will seed up that learning curve for you. Once you explain it to someone they'll be a master in no time. Menagerie can fill a gap, or even be an intro game to new players, or kids. It's simple enough and fun to build animals for points.

Allen Lamb recently put out Scarborough Faire through a bundled kickstarter with The Captain is Dead. He has several other games he's designed under his company's banner Stone Manah Games. After playing Menagerie, I look forward to getting my copy of Scarborough Faire, and possibly another game or two from The Game Crafter that Allen has designed.