Journal Entry: News and Updates

With all the reviewing I've been doing recently I realized I haven't been telling you about any of the new games I'm working on. If you remember I submitted WYSIWYG: Among Thieves to a design contest for 5th Street Games. Well, We didn't win, hell we didn't even place. But! I did receive some good feedback and have been working to tighten up some aspects of the game. With that said. WYSIWYG: Among Thieves is heading to Kickstarter at the beginning of the year. Here is the PREVIEW LINK to look over and offer advice on Rewards, Funding Goal, Action Shots, and Call to Action. Keep in mind, I only have the prototype so far, and that I intend to hire an artist to give the game a facelift. Also, you can click on the link to "Notify at Launch" that way, the day I take the project live, you will get an email so you can come see and comment on the project as it develops.

I also recently sat down with ALL US GEEKS to do an interview. I'll make a separate post about that when it goes live, but until then you should head to your local podcast listening portal and subscribe to their podcast. For the last four years they have reviewed board games, and interviewed game designers. They also do a segment called "The Game of Crowdfunding" where they make picks and predictions about games currently on kickstarter and they are into the 4th season.

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