Episode 13: TableGolf by Zagix LLC

http://youtu.be/mmLF8xLkwvU I got the chance to check out TableGolf. It's yet another game from The Game Crafter that I feel doesn't get enough credit. It's a card game that taps into your personal dexterity. In table golf you'll take turns flicking cards from the start location, to the try and make it in the hole. Here is the description form the Shop Page:

Play golf on your dining room table using dexterity and cards.

In Table Golf you transform your dining room table into a 9 hole golf course. where you flick cards down the table to try to get them into the hole.

At the beginning of each hole the players build the hole that they are playing on by flicking the hazards onto the course. there are Three hazards in this game the Water Hazard, the Sand Trap and the Rough. Each hazard has it's own way of testing your dexterity with the Golf Ball card.

Each Hole you select a weather card and that card effects how you play that hole. It can be use your non-dominate hand or flick the Golf Ball from a foot above the table.

At the end of the game the player who makes the ball in the hole consistently is considered the winner.

What stands out for my is that the game is both very thematic and not thematically heavy. There are variants for the gamers that don't like golf much, and just want to flick, flip, and toss cards across the room. Which I believe is where this game truly shines.

If you wanted to do a theme night, where you start out with TableGolf and then move over to the consoles to play some PGA Tour. Then this is a great game for that. Alternatively, if you and your  friends just want to have a few drinks and are bored of Beer Pong and Quarters. Then TableGolf is the game for you.

I whole heartedly endorse this game, forgiving the art on the cards, and just playing it for what it is. I'd like to see this game in every Party store in the US right next to red solo cups and ping pong balls. TableGolf is a breath of fresh air for the late night drinking games, as well as a causal family game night.


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