Vote for Wysiwyg!



Friends, Fans, and Family!

I want to reiterate how excited I am to be able to make board games. It fulfills my creative side, as well as my intellectual side. I hope to be able to make this a life long thing. But the first step is getting attention in the industry. So please, Do me a favor and go to And vote for WYSIWYG: The Dice Rolling Thief Game.

Bear in mind, the art work is all "place holder art" meaning if the game wins the contest I'll be given a budget to hire an artist and make the game look truly amazing. Your vote makes it possible to turn this game a contender in the market.

The grand prize is a publishing contract with 5th Street Games. The makers of Castle Dash, Crow & the Pitcher, Farmageddon, My Happy Farm, Jungle Ascent, and Baldrick's Tomb. Also check out their latest kickstarter Ghosts Love Candy

Needless to say It would be a huge honor to see WYSIWYG among that list of games. To be able to walk into Sci-Fi Factory in Fort Worth, Roll-2-Play in Coppell, or even Insane Comics in The Colony and see it on the shelf.

I know that You have to buy something to get crafter points, to vote with. Feel Free to buy any of my titles for sale: HOST (Deluxe) $24.99, HOST (Basic) $14.99, HOST (the probe alternate art card) $4.99, or HOST (Print and Play) $0.99 Any of these will earn you crafter points with which to vote for my game. Plus, you'll get HOST related materials which is awesome!

Thank you for supporting my dream.