20 days left on 5th street contest


Hey! So we have 20 days left to enter our games into the 5th street contest. I am excited about this. In 20 days I can start sharing with you all the news about my new games and hopefully some of you will come over to The Game Crafter and vote for the game you most want to see published. I am hoping it will be one of my titles. Although, the community over at The Game Crafter has some great talent.

I'll be honest. My games are in a prototype state. The artwork is very sloppy and just a template of how the final game will look. So keep this in mind. If any of my games get selected there will be an overhaul of the artwork. Just consider the rules and the overall theme. If those two things speak to you, the rules and the theme. Then please feel free to vote for my games.

I am running a thunderclap! for this contest as well. So please support this campaign. If you do, then on september first your social media will send out a blast linking people to the voting page. I left it neutral so all your doing is sharing the voting page and not listing what game to vote for. Hopefully we will get more opinions in the mix this way. Go to this link to add your social media prowess to get the word out. http://thndr.it/1mh7mwu

Thanks again! -Matthew