Broken Prism Reviews Episode 1: Krash Karts


[embed][/embed] It really is fantastic. Folk get hung up on the "its a racing game" but it is so much more than that. There is more strategy in how you move you're character than just "go as far as possible" you need to strategically place your car around the others to use the items/weapons effectively and to sneak in a short cut, Its more a "Ballet of Chaos" than a racing game. Part Deathrace, Part MarioKart, Part Twisted Metal.

Get yourself a copy here: Krash Karts

Some words from the Shop Page:

A chaotic combat racing game where you build the track while you race!

The game Krash Karts is a table top game in which 2 to 6 players race to an ever-changing finish line. This is because you design the very track you're racing on... while you're racing on it! How it comes together is up to those playing, and manipulating the track to your advantage or against your opponent's advantage plays a large factor in determining the victor. You can even design your own short-cut to jump to first place!

Coupled with this unique game mechanic, players during the race also gain insane and fun-to-use items; Items like the Booster, which lets you jet ahead of the competition; The Dodge Ball, which whacks your friends and slows them down; The Squirrel, which creates a roadblock forcing players to change course; Or the Bomb which decimates the track and all on it. Plus more items that shift the balance of the game! What's more, some items are left right on the track to benefit or to hinder your friends, and other items can even be used to defend yourself, making each game unique and strategic.