Wysiwyg Entry #1


Dear Diary,

One thing I never thought I'd say is: "I wish I didn't ask for help". I'm designing a game for a contest due August 31st. I was getting rattled by some simple mistakes I had made in the first pass a the rulebook. So in a fluster I reached out to a community forum and out sourced the rule book to a fellow game designer. It's been three weeks and I haven't heard back. This stresses me out. I trust the designer just fine. But this stress is unacceptable. The proper approach would have been to take a day off from the project and come back with a fresh head. Now its been nearly a month, I'm hoping to get another prototype printed before the contest submission deadline. 

It seems clear that my next step is to attempt to tackle the rulebook again. If I hear back from the designer then I'll compare the two efforts and go with the effort that best fits the game. I have to fight off the idle hands problem. What normally happens to me is I get idle then I switch projects.  

What gets me is writing this entry helped organize some thoughts and I regret not starting the design diary earlier. It's helping me be honest with myself. Which will translate to a more honest effort for you.