Dallas Comic-Con 2014


WOWZA! P1060076 First off, Thank you for everyone who stopped by. You where awesome for spending your precious time at the con with little ol' me. Thank you for picking up a copy of my game HOST, or a copy of any of the other indie games Village in a Box, Dungeoneering Dolls, Royals, Trade Fleet, Starship battles, etc... If you didn't get a game, thanks for at least spending your time with me, I hope you learned a little something about the indie game market, and all the great tools to build your own game with The Game Crafter.


Secondly, If you're still looking for a copy of HOST I have it for sale here. I've reduced the price for the next two-weeks to celebrate the success of DCC14, we where completely sold out by 1:00pm on sunday! I've also made the promo card available here if you missed it or wanted another set of the cards.

I had a real blast. I was on the fence about coming to this show, but you guys where encouraging and informative. A huge thank you to Captain Redbeard for stopping by the booth. Massive thanks goes out to Ron & JJ of Collected: Your Pop Culture Headquarters, for demoing my game at their open gaming set-up. Enormous thanks to All Us Geeks for the encouragement to take this next step, I wouldn't have been able to do it with out their help, Jeff King is my favorite super hero.

Captain Redbeard Stops by Broken Prism Games

Finally, here are some photos of my team. They where invaluable and I love them.

Ben Rose (left) & Me (right)

Megan Howe (my fiancee)


-Matthew Ryan Robinson