The crowd has spoken HOST is great!


Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.41.59 AM "Simple to play and easy to teach!" -Black Rune Games

"This is the perfect type of game that you want to start or end a game night with" -milehighboardreviews

"Great party game. Easy to just pick up and go." -RGGames

"HOST is a really great game because of its simplicity and unique use of conspiracy/paranormal themes." -SpookyAlfred

"I recommend HOST. Order your copy today!" -Dave (To The Table Reviews)

"If you like fast-playing card games that offer a balance of luck and strategy (along with a big opportunity to mess with the other players), this game is for you." -MitchLav

“HOST’s family friendly nature makes it ideal for family game night, though it can serve as a nice filler in between longer play sessions.” -Vince Paone

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