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The Game Crafter JT Smith, a founder of The Game Crafter, has been making his own board games for two decades. He would handcraft his own games, because the alternative of ordering thousands of copies of a game from India or China was absurd, Smith explains.

Smith wanted a service that would help him produce a high-quality game, without the need to purchase thousands of copies. He realized that technology was the answer.

"The first step I took was to write a Web app that would walk the user through the process of uploading and proofing their game artwork," Smith says. "This way we could turn a several week process into less than an hour, and no human interaction was required."

Smith never intended for his website to become a business. Originally, he wanted to make a website to showcase his software development work.

"Our goal wasn't to make money at this," he says. What surprised Smith and his co-founders, however, was how fast it caught on.

"Our original goal was to sell 100 games per month by the end of the first year," Smith says. "We sold about 150 games in our first month alone, and over 300 in month two. In 2013 we sold more than 36,000 games!"

Smith and his team have been running The GameCrafter for more than five years. What keeps the company going is its strong commitment to its customers.

"Never forget that you are in business to make money, but don’t let that be the only reason you are in business," Smith says.

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Photos: Darn Good Yarn, Christine Watanabe, The Game Crafter

via 3 Entrepreneurs Turn Hobbies Into Business Success | OPEN Forum.

via 3 Entrepreneurs Turn Hobbies Into Business Success | OPEN Forum.