Work in progress


Hey hey!!! I feel as though i've been away for too long. So much happening. I have the skeletons for 11 games knocking around my apartment. Of course they are in various states of prototyping. Some are on post cards. Some are entirely digital. The important thing is I'm working on it. I've always felt my greatest weakness has been that the world isn't challenging enough. So I am challenging myself. Hard. I am writing for 4 blogs, Designing 11 games, and trying not to get fired at my day job. Challenge accepted. But I run out of time. Which is good, right? I'd rather be busy than bored.

Things I owe people. I like to write this out once a day so i don't forget. Im making it public here so you can see if i remembered you. If I owe you something not on this list. email me straight away.

  • Re-create Print and play files for HOST.
  • Write review for The Nerds' Table
  • Order T-shirts for KS backers
  • Write out card values for game 2
  • Approve first pass of Art for game 2
  • Write rule book for game 2
  • Play-test session at Legend Ln
  • Publish HOST Promo cards on The Game Crafter
  • Officially sign up for T.A.B.L.E.
  • Send HOST to reviewer
  • Send 10-20 copies of HOST to board game exchange

Thats all that comes to mind. Hopefully Ill have most of that crossed off come the weekend. Just know I'm working on it. All of it. And again, Message me if I overlooked something.