The Nerds' Table: game reviews from The Nerd Nighters community.


How goes it? Well, Things are going well. I have secured a group of play testers/design consultants for my next game design endeavors. Which is very beneficial. Now, instead of doing it all by my self, I can do the first 70% take it over to them and we'll figure out the final 30% together. Therefore, my next game should be popping up on reviewers sites in the coming months.

Speaking of reviewers sites. I just started writing my own game reviews. Since I didn't want to clutter my own design site with those kinds of articles. I found an outlet for them over at The Nerds' Table. An extension of the DFW Nerd Night community. They where looking for a new contributor. So I leaped at the chance. My first review is up. Right here. Go check it out!

I'm hoping to post at least every 3 days. If you like my first article, be sure to follow the blog. The other contributors write some pretty great articles too!

Also, I want to point you to Indie Conquest and hopefully, if I send them enough traffic from here. They will give a glowing review for my first game HOST. Which we should see any day now. They are a new site, that will extend the indie game designers community. They have a wealth of information up to help with getting started making your own game, and how to run a Kickstarter for board games, and so on. So please, check them out.

I've got a bunch of other copies mailed out to other reviewers, and I hope to hear back from them in the coming weeks.

Call to Action: In March, I will be at T.A.B.L.E. so be sure to attend this very great Kickstarted convention, and come find me. I will have alternate art promo cards for HOST, mention the blog and they're free. Otherwise they're $5.00 so that is your big chance.

Thank you for sticking with me, I still have a few things to wrap of for my wonderful backers, and plan to get to those very soon. I am grateful everyday that you are out there, playing my game. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.