What Is Board Game eXchange?


I've been researching ways to get HOST out there into the world and ran across this: Board Game eXchange.

Let’s Face It…Board Games are EXPENSIVE!! 

There is nothing worse than the sticker shock that inevitably hits you when you want to buy a new board game.  Too many people have said “Seriously?  This game costs $60 to buy?  It better be worth it.”  Whenever you come across a game that costs $40-70 (or more!), you have several options: 1) try to talk your friend into buying it so you don’t have to risk your own money on a game that could suck; (2) pay the admission fee at a gaming convention where you can try the board game to see if it’s worth the money; or (3) buy it, and hope/pray that it was worth your hard earned money.  With BoardGameExchange.com -- or as the kids today call it, “BGX” -- those days are OVER!

Board Game Exchange is the revolution in board gaming because it allows you to rent the board games you want, and have them shipped directly to your front door.  Board Game Exchange has more than 500 titles in every category imaginable (Strategy, Party, Children’s, Family, Educational, War, 2-Player, 4+ Player, Fantasy, Card, etc.).  Say goodbye to the days of spending $60 on a game without having played it with your friends and family first.  Say arrivederci to the days of loading up your closets with games you get tired of playing.  BoardGameExchange gives you access to tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of board games, all for a low monthly fee.  

When I run the numbers, you’re 100% right about the food and drinks costing more than the cost of the Board Game eXchange subscription.

Let’s say you’ve got a family of four, and you want to do something fun where you get to interact with each other, which doesn't involve watching a movie.  Or, let’s say you’ve got a few other friends who are looking for a fun night in, which doesn’t involve overpriced cocktails.  BGX is the perfect, economical solution!   We bring the Game Night right to your front door.

Our most popular package, the Premium Package is $26.99 per month.  That gets you 4 games (likely 5 games since a complementary publisher game is usually included).  Over the two months you’ll have games, if you host a Game Night once per week, the “cost” of the games is $6.75 per game night.  Break that down amongst 4 people, and that’s $1.68 per person.  If you have your Game Night once every ten days, the “cost” of the games is $8.99 per game night, or $2.24 per person if you split it between 4 people. 

Look at your other entertainment alternatives:  The cost of going to one movie for a family of four, going to a professional sporting event once, and the cost of going out to dinner one time are all more expensive than the monthly cost of a BGX subscription. Plus, that movie, game, or dinner will only last a couple of hours at most.  The memories of the quality time you’ll spend with your friends and family will last a lifetime!  (*Sappy, but true!*)

I think I am going to jump all over this opportunity. I have a stack of copies left over from the Kickstarter, and If this can generate some awareness about what I do, I believe it is in my best interest to send my games to them. If you sign up for their program as a result of reading my blog post here. Please let me know in the comments. I hope to collect that kind of data over from the impact of what I decide to post about.