Black Friday



I hope everything has gone as well for you during the holidays as it did me. Spent some time with my family, Gave thanks at the table for each of you lovely backers. got the chance to play a family favorite "Tsuro" and even broke out a new game I got last week at BGGC "Boss Monster" all in all a nice little holiday.

I have received nearly all the Surveys, there are still a few people that haven't replied and we're going to have to soldier on without them. When then finally get around to replying i'll see what we can do. but come on, we have deadlines to meet!

With that the artist has finished up the Box art and it looks lovely, all dark and conspiracy like. He also got a couple cards fixed up and will be working on the rest of the cards throughout the weekend.

Im letting go a little bit of this, i've had a tough time monitoring all the progress, lost lots of sleep. So through the weekend i'll just be on vacation. I'll deliver some more updates monday evening on the state of things. I should also have some sneak peeks of the new game I'm developing. Because time off just means time to work on other things.

Thank you again for supporting my game and spreading the word as you have. It means the world to me.

-Matthew Ryan Robinson