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You made it possible, and thank you!

Amazon just processed your payment. If your card declined or what ever they have a small period where you can choose a different form of payment. Make sure to get that sorted out right away. As soon as they have everyones payment, or 2 weeks go by, they'll send it to me. To speed the process up make sure your payment went through just fine. You'll likely have an email from amazon right now saying it was successful or failed. Sort it out.

I hope that didn't seem preachy. I am astounded that you all backed me up. 222% is just amazing. I'm just want everything together now so I could get everything shipping to you right now. The Game Crafter will be shipping you the game. Any additional rewards will be coming from me, so stickers, posters, tshirts, and dossier's will be mailed as soon as I can get them printed. Thank you again for being so rad.

-Matthew Ryan Robinson