New Press Release!


For Immediate Release: New Card Game from Broken Prism Games Launches Kickstarter Fund Raiser to Aid in Initial Production

November 9, 2013 – With the internet now in nearly every household, internet users and small business owners are taking advantage of websites such as Kickstarter as a useful tool for marketing and fund raising.  Game company, Broken Prism Games, has created a new game called Host that they are requesting help in funding.

Game creator, Matthew Robinson says, “I had this idea for a card game which inspires edge-of-your-seat game play the way that classics like Go Fish!, Fluxx, Old Maid and Spoons do.”

The game is designed for two to six players where each player receives a “Mission” card with a mission each player needs to complete before the game is over.  Players also receive a variety of “Host” cards that serve as points cards for certain parts of the mission.  Some players will also be told to draw an “Event” card that have additional tasks for players.  The goal is to collect enough “Host” cards to complete the player’s “Mission”.  Once the “Mission” objective is completed, the player wins the game.

Gaming website, Dad’s Gaming Addiction created a wonderful video describing the game and how to play it that can be viewed at:

The card game is inspired by a great apocalypse that occurs for the game to be played.  Players complete missions related to zombies, aliens, and outbreaks.

The initial goal for the project was $2,000 and the Host Kickstarter has exceeded that with more than a week to go in the online crowd-funding event.   The project will end on November 19, 2013.

If the sixth stretch goal is reached of $6,000, Robinson says, “I will give 150 copies of the game to charity.”  Robinson is looking at donating to a United States military troop charity for troops overseas.

Robinson had hoped to create a game that nearly anyone can play from kids of all ages, college students and early retirees.

Progress of the crowd-funding project can be viewed at Kicktraq.  To donate to project on Kickstarter, internet users of all ages and gaming backgrounds can donate at the Host Kickstarter site. Users can also go to and simply type in “host” that will bring users to Host: The New Card Game From Broken Prism Games.