Broken Prism Games Presents Host: A Card Game for The Rest Of Humanity!


1HT-300x214 Broken Prism Games Presents Host: A Card Game for The Rest Of Humanity!

Are you looking for an exciting card game that features creatures such as zombies and aliens? Do you enjoy a game play that is steeped in misdirection and conspiracy and riddled with a few catastrophic natural disasters? If your answer is yes, then check out an amazing creation by Matthew Ryan Robinson, the intrepid gamer who only wants to deliver a game that everyone can enjoy. When he was conceptualizing “Host,” he was inspired by old-time favorites such as Spoons, Old Maid, Fluxx, and Go Fish! It is a game that both children and adults can enjoy. Robinson was also inspired by classics such as "Munchkin" and "Talisman."

This game, which is aptly called “Host” may be simple, but it will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat. If you want to know more about this new game with a totally awesome game play, go to

What do you know about Majestic 12 -Matthew Ryan Robinson

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The game called Host is set in this scenario. The Earth is scoured by the First Great Apocalypse and the inhabitants are either zombies, aliens, or those who fight them. The player can choose what tactics to deploy in the game by collecting or trading cards. The player can go for the following options: spreading infection, inciting an alien invasion, or choose to be the last hope of whatever remains of humankind. This is how the winner is determined. Every card has positive and negative value so the player must be careful in using each card lest the enemy wins.

Host is made in the United States and has been created with the assistance of

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The Host Kickstarter Project

Matthew Ryan Robinson is not just creating amazing games. He is also pushing it forward with the Kickstarter Project. He has set up some great rewards for those who will support him. Robinson has set this STRETCH GOAL #6 $6000, 300% which involves giving 150 copies of Host for charity purposes. Give2TheTroops'® is his favorite charity and he wants to help them get their hands at some items that are difficult to find in the field. It so happens that board games are in the top four of this list and he intends to send the troops free copies of HOST for their entertainment.

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-Matthew Robinson

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