Last Two Weeks of the Campaign, Analytics, Featured Article.


HOST is making it's debut appearance on the kicktraq hotlist: check it out, repeatedly to keep the project in the hearts and minds of kicktraq and that way more people will stumble on it. Also please share the links all over the place.

when you're looking at the project on Kicktraq, go to the "mini chart" copy up the appropriate coding and past it all over. The more traffic we can generate through Kicktraq the better the project will look on their site, and therefore, the better it will look to potential backers. It may look like this:" target="_blank">HOST: The New Card Game From Broken Prism Games -- Kicktraq Mini

It important that we keep sharing the link, so that one extra person will see it. It all ends up on webpage analytics somewhere and every share is worth while.

Thank you again, for getting us this far.


It's hard keeping track of what I have shared with you guys here, or on the blog or on the Facebook. But, we also got a Featured article on The Game Crafter. If you'd like to visit it, sign up and leave some comments there as well. I feel like I'm asking too much of you guys sometimes. If I am I apologize. I just really want to get to the 6th stretch goal, and every bit helps. Every share, like, comment, retweet, pete and repeat. They go a long way out into the internet, eventually some new person will see the project due to your share. Together we're going to make this the best game it can be.

Also, The new box is requiring some art retooling, which was expected but I had to get creative with the copies I send to reviewers. So here is a really bad slapdash top for the box I put together. Which will explain why I am not doing the art, everything is off center, and I stretched the game title asset till it started to blur...

Rest Assured that Ben Rose will be getting an actual box art layout done, and you will never have to see this kind of thing from me again. "I am not the artist" -Matthew

I am not an artist.

I am not an artist.

-Matthew Ryan Robinson