Character Cards Unlocked!


Wowza, So we made it here. This stretch goal had a special place in my heart from the jump. For the Roleplaying minded it'll be a queue card to the social interactions between players. Are you the UFO fanatic that lives in mom's basement? are you the Cop with 3 days till retirement that has been bit by a zombie, just waiting to turn? These card will give you an immersive experience into the world of HOST.

Some of these cards will be defined in the Dossier level reward, which means if you backed at that level you have a chance to immortally yourself in the cannon of HOST. One of the other stretch goals is "The Whole Story" if we reach that we plan to put out a novel set in the game's universe. If we don't reach it, we still plan to make a story, but it'll be abbreviated somewhat to funding available.

So lets keep sharing the Kickstarter, Like the Facebook page, follow the twitter @brokenprism and retweet, And share the blog posts. All these steps seem silly but its how a project like this gets out into the world and grows viral. Your engagement on this page increases the likeliness of a Kickstarter Staff Pick.

I have a backer in escrow waiting for the 200 backer line. Once there he and his company plan to invest which will be huge for this little company. Keep it up. You are our only hope.

-Matthew Ryan Robinson