Dad's Gaming Addiction

Vince from Dad's Gaming Addiction Did a wonderful video preview of HOST. I'd like you to check it out here:

If videos aren't your thing, check out this article he wrote here:

I mentioned new stretch goals earlier, i added them to the project page a few hours ago, but here they are again:

STRETCH GOAL #7 $7000, 350%

Rule Book Dossier: At this funding level we will be able to put Dossiers of all the character cards into the rule book, giving more back story. These will be based off the backers from the Dossier reward tier.

Stretch Goal #8 $7500, 375%

Sneak Peak: I'll give everyone an inside look into the various prototypes I have coming up. With surveys to help push the development along when it comes to some key decisions. These will be on our blog as to not spam your inbox.

Stretch Goal #9 $8000, 400%

User Reviews: We will be able to send review copies of the next project to a selection of users for review. Be sure to review your copy of HOST. Good Bad or Indifferent, every review will be considers for the selection process.

Stretch Goal #10 $10,000, 500%

The Whole Story: At this funding level we will be able to realize the full potential of the universe of HOST. I will be able to bring a writer on board and make a book detailing the lives and times of our characters from the Dossier. PDF's of the book will be made available to every backer.

Stretch Goal #11 $15,000 750%

My Wildest Dreams: This funding level will allow me to bring a small staff onboard to develop the future of Broken Prism Games. Which will make the quality, of every aspect, better.

-Matthew Robinson