101% Funded.


Of all the times when you can't sleep. This one is my favorite.

My friends and family have stood up and funded my kickstarter in a mere 5 days. This is totally awesome. So awesome infact that I want to keep pushing. I want to reward all those that help me get to where every this things ends up. That reward, will be a launch party. but it needs funding also. so if we can push and reach 250% funding I will host a Launch party and every single backer will be invited.

As of now I feel we could really get there. Especially if you lovely folk keep sharing the project and consider maybe adjusting your pledge up to the Merch'd level. I want as many people in the exclusive Kickstarter funded Shirts as possible. At the time of writing this there are only 4. I know its a little steep to move your pledge from $15 to $50 but It's for the good of the project. While also getting us closer to the Launch Party!

-Matthew Robinson