33 Backers, 33% Funded, and a Video.

My Supporters, With your help we've reached a really cool milestone. We are at 33 backers with 33% funding. Spooky. Yet, Heartfelt thanks. By now if you've backed the project, you'll see I have personally messaged you, to thank you. I mean it. THANK YOU!

When you see this, I want to ask you one more favor. Please share the link. Its a tough decision to make. To be that person that is in the grey area of "is this spam". I hate spam. But, I believe that if you trust in this, that you believe there is a good game here, with the good intention of brining people together. Away from their TV, Computer, or smart tablet phone. To share an experience.

Share the link: http://kck.st/15VwjUM. It is the best chance right now to bring people on board. And to fulfill my dream. The dream of creating something, and getting it out into the world. Into the æther.

I have posted a video, more of a teaser trailer. I made it completely on my iPhone, which to me is kind of awesome. I have plans to make a few more videos that will post to the Website and to YouTube. I have some friends turned backers that will come over put on some costumes and film a 'how to play', 'example of a turn', and the inevitable 'event card that will change everything' segments.

Thank you a million more times.

-Matthew Robinson


[kickstarter url=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1397204588/host-the-new-card-game-from-broken-prism-games width=480]