30% Day 2

Hello Readers,

Anyone serious about a Kickstarter campaign will do a lot of research ahead of time. I am one of those, I read forums, articles, interviews, and even Martin Atkins lecture on the topic. Still its a mystery... but one thing I continually bumped into was. If you do not reach 30% by day 3 you should just pull the plug. Well at the time of writing this. It is 43 hours since launch and we are sitting just over 30%. Phew. I appreciate each and every one of my backers. So very much. I'm looking into some Kickstarter exclusive items, weather it be posters, or buttons, or guitar picks. Some little sign of appreciation that they get with out knowing they where receiving. What a bunch of rad folk you all are. Here is that cool tracking widget again: [kickstarter url=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1397204588/host-the-new-card-game-from-broken-prism-games width=220]