having a hell of a time figuring out how to write rules that are clearly understandable to a large enough audience... really frustrating to be stymied by this last part. Working on it, soon soon soon...  

UPDATED 10-28-13 Figured out the whole rules debacle. Here they are, for your reading pleasure.


SETUP: Shuffle cards with similar backs into separate decks i.e. the MISSION deck, EVENT deck, and HOST deck. Deal each player one (1) MISSION card and four (4) HOST cards face down.

QUICK RULES: Read your MISSION. Assess your HOST cards. Then draw, assess, pass, assess, and end your turn.

A TURN: Draw a HOST card. If you meet the win condition of your MISSION card, you win. If not, pass one of your HOST cards to any other player at the table. If you now meet your win condition, you win. If not, your turn is over. The player to your left repeats this process.

An EVENT: Some HOST cards tell you to "Draw an EVENT Card." You do not have to draw the EVENT card right away. You can save this card to play it at any time, even on another player's turn (but not after the player fulfills their win condition).

Once you choose to draw your EVENT card, it takes effect immediately. If it is a new MISSION card, replace your MISSION but KEEP IT SECRET.

WINNING: Any player to meet the win condition of their MISSION card wins. Meeting the MISSIONs' win condition can happen when you draw, pass a card, receive a passed card, when an EVENT card comes into play, or when you receive a new MISSION. You must show your hand to the other players when you declare victory. If you declare erroneously, you're out of the game and all your cards get shuffled back into their respective decks.

2 PLAYER: Draw as normal or steal one card at random from opponent's hand.

Once all cards have been drawn from any deck, shuffle the discard pile and create a new draw pile.

Your MISSION will require you to reach a certain score in one or more of four categories: Invasion, Investigate, Infection, and Inoculate. Each HOST card will add to your score in one category and subtract from another (for example, +3 Invasion and -3 Investigate).

Add the positive numbers and subtract the negatives in each category, and if your score is still high enough to complete your MISSION, you win.

Hint: You'll only need one or two colors and the remaining 2 or 3 will have no effect on you, but will hinder your opponents. Try to deduce what they need to win and pile on with cards they are trying to avoid. If you feel you're falling behind, remember that playing an EVENT card card COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING!


Check out the Kickstarter: http://kck.st/15VwjUM


-Matthew Robinson