Full Blown SquareSpace Account

That's Right!

I took the plunge, Tied in bank accounts, shipping accounts, mail chimps for newsletters. All the bells and whistles. I am glad you are here reading this members only blog. 

As a Reminder, This blog will be all sorts of stuff that doesn't fit the niche of my other 3 blogs. This is where you'll hear about the serious things going on in my life. My hopes and dreams and kitten things.

You also get a free copy of my books as I try to write. They will be available in their unfinished format as free downloads in this Members Only Section.

Also as a reminder your Password will reset every month and I will be emailing out the password manually, so it may be a day or two late. As I am only human. Make sure you sign up for the members Newsletter to make it easier for me to disseminate the password. I'll use a common subject line in the email so you can search and sort by that subject line to find the password.

Until then, welcome to my Adventures in Squarespace!