Edgefest 24 - VIP, What's that like?

Edgefest 24 Powered by DFW Vapor I had a terrific time.

For those of you that want to know more keep reading.

For Full Disclosure, I won VIP Passes to the event from DFW Vapor, they had an in store promotion. I owe my entire experience to them, so please check them out. I like their Ecigs, their incredible flavor choices rival Willy Wonka, and they know how to through a party.

I will try to tell this in a timeline setup. If I choose to abandon the accuracy of the time line that is because I lost myself to the experience I was having.

11:00am leaving the apartment to get some sonic toaster sandwiches for breakfast, Stopping by the ATM to get some cash for Merch or drinks.

11:45am Parking is a horrendous nightmare. $20 for anywhere close to the venue. So, I chose to drive 1/2 mile into town and park next to a really awesome second hand clothing store. I just saved $20 and got a quick walk in. My Nike Fuel app was pleased by this decision, and so am I.

11:55am The line is so long at the South entrance that it stretched all the way back to the East entrance line. The two end of lines meet. I get to feeling that there must be a VIP line somewhere. I go to the front of the line and ask, it seems the long line is for idiots who brought bags that need checked. there was a much smaller say, 25 people line for the minimalists that where clever enough to not bring a bag.

12:10p Getting my badge hole-punched and wrist band applied at the bottom of the stairs to the VIP Deck. upon reaching the top of the stairs I am greeted by a Hookah lounge set up with Vapor Stones. A small Ecig merch shop. A goody bag with DFW Vapor t-shirt, bottle opener, stickers, Beach ball, and a pen.

12:30p I get to meet the proprietor of DFW Vapor. He seemed a bit high strung, so I suggest we get some drinks. He asked if i'd like to see his Cobra, I ask him if thats innuendo, and no, it wasn't he led me through ha couple other VIP areas and on to see his Sports car. As you can see here:

12:45p Dude from the Edge introduces the Marine Honor Guard. Early. Stops them in the middle of their thing, hilarious, albeit a tad embarrassing for the Honor Guard. I work my way back up to the VIP Deck.

1:05p we try the Marines again, This time to great success, After a quick National Anthem. I explained to some confused concert goers, The rule is to face the source of the music or nearest flag, that is why people where facing in different directions. They agreed that that made sense, then they scampered off.

1:10p Local band Jesse Frye took the main stage, announced they where out of Denton, Tx and played their set. I learned that the singer was an old school pal of my friend Art from  Art of Mistrust. One of the DFW Vapor guys asks if she is single, I ask Art, as far as he knows. Guy says thats good enough for him.

1:40p Smallpools breaks open the second stage, Sounds of the 80's keyboards and newer auto tune and some live instruments, making a pretty cool dance party. I was standing next to a Staff member for the venue. She asked who was on stage, I let her know, she said thanks and will be looking them up later. I love those kinds of moments, please always check out new bands, listen to there 3 most played songs before you make a decision.

2:05p MS MR Took the main stage, as i sat comfortably in the VIP Deck, effectively ignoring them, Which I apologize for, but i found a track of theres and threw it in the Spotify Playlist I have assembled for you to listen to here:

2:35p Bare hands came on, they did the multi-instrumenatalist thing with the Bassist playing drums along with the drummer. Some catchy tunes, but at this point i was needing Alcohol pretty badly, the conversation in the VIP Deck turned sexist, which to some is fairly hilarious to others it was annoying and I'm stuck somewhere between with a healthy sense of Humor and a strong moral compass.

3:00p Switchfoot, what can I say, They played a 20 minute intro to their 2 popular songs, I looked them up to remember who they where. Can you guess how many records they have? Put your answers in the Comments section. First correct answer will win something or other.

3:35p J Roddy Walston & The Business. Awesome name, groovy set. Its stuck in my mind as the band with the name thats fun to say, but hard to describe so lets just not go to their show. I hope the best for them, they are some totally talented dudes. But this was about the time I had some personal shit going on so they got very little of my attention.

4:05p The Neighbourhood, One of the bands I was really hoping to get to hear and know better. But I was running around the venue trying to deliver some VIP passes to friends just arriving, then showing them the Cobra, and getting them up to the deck. so my coverage for the next hour starts to get very vague.

4:45p Kongos On the second stage, right at the time my girlfriend had a panic attack, she gave me her badge and lit out of the venue to the car. I returned to the VIP deck and communicated with her that everything was alright the tornadoes wouldn't like touch down. The venue had a stick no in and out policy. So I asked the 102.1 EDGE rep if he ould help and he just handed me another Ticket. I am sorry the Kongos got no attention from me. But I have to give it to The EDGE, they will take care of you.

5:15p Grouplove Holy crap they where awesome, I had stated a year ago or so, that as long as they make a second record they would be alright and still be around, and sure enough. They where not buried by popularity of their one song. Their whole set was fun and energetic. I still was mostly excited to hear Colours, but the whole set was grand.

5:55p Chvrches I wormed my way into the Pit for this set, The EDGE guy came out and said this was the act he was most excited for. I hadn't really heard of them before but my girlfriend was back so i brought her down to feel the music. Chvrches come out and say "hello, where from glasgow, scotland" and I was instantly in love. Last week I went to the granada theatre and saw Mogwai. So another band form Scotland, Yes Please. They had the two DJ set up with various Korgs and Moogs and such. Then this tiny, adorable, and amazing singer. Her voice is pure and comforting and fantastic. My girlfriend asked if she was sitting down, and I thought so too at first, but no, she's just petite. But with amazing stage presence. They played some great dance songs, and swathed to a live guitar at one point, then one of the DJ dudes took over singing and she took over the keyboard rig. At one point a crowd surfer got injured and they asked us to all be more carful between songs, that "Your good time is not worth another persons misery" which I totally respect. Later on a Twin Peaks ad popped up. She did not like this. She asked that it be removed form all the TVs because as far as she new Twin Peaks was a brilliant TV series by David Lynch, not the monstrosity that the ad was promoting.

6:25p someone played the Theme song from Twin Peaks over the P.A. during the set change. who ever you are. Thank you.

6:30p Bastille takes the main stage.Im still in the pit at the side stage, and meet some cool folk just standing there and sweating in a huddle. Bastille doesn't sound like they are playing live. it just sounds like a recording, there was no energy. It was weird, I didn't get to see them being on the wrong side of the venue, so if you told me they just had a boom box on stage, playing the record, I would believe you.

7:05p New Politics. I didnt care much for this band either and spent a lot of this time in the bathroom.

The Avett Brothers, They played a ton of songs i didnt recognize as well as a few i did.

Cage The Elephant, Possibly the best time i have ever had at a concert. My wife and I went down to the front of the stage and soaked it all in, the sweat the energy, the crowd surfers the Shake Me Downs of it all. My wife took her all time favorite photo of me from that moment, you’ll have to trust me, I’ll get it uploaded later for you.

Beck, we went back up the VIP area to cool down, and enjoy the story behind the song Debra, although i’m sure falsified and or localized for what ever area he is in when he performs it. Its still one of my all time Beck songs and I got to see it live. Which was simply amazing.