I recently won a T-Shirt contest from the band Serosia. It was a "Post on Facebook" style Contest hare here is how it went.

Want to win a the brand new, "Architect" design T-Shirt seen below???

It's simple! Tell us the best experience you've had with us at a Serosia show, listening to our music, the first time you heard us, or any story (Relating to Serosia) that you think we would enjoy hearing! We will choose our 2 favorite comments to this post and get the winners the shirt in the size of your choice! Go!!

So I wrote from the heart:

I was rummaging the quagmire that is Reverbnation I unearthed some of your songs, after listening, I purchased a host of songs from iTunes, then after what had to have been 4 hours, I felt all at once that I was traveling through space, discovering a blue planet known as earth, when i landed the locals named me extra terrestrial. As I attempted in vain to explain that I am from here, they balked and stated "that is impossible" and that "no one is from here" then they urged me to leave. To go back to where I'm from. I pleaded and explained my plight "there is no way back, for you see, I was just listening to Serosia"

The truth is I did find them on Reverbnation, and I did buy their Album 'Perspective and Balance' on iTunes. I really like the Rock/Metal/Psychedelic feel of this band. Its is reminiscent of a Deftones meets Pink Floyd experiment. I was instantly attracted to the whole concept of this group.

They have nailed the look and feel of modern music, and their album would not be out of place in the collection of any fan of Deftones, Muse, or Incubus.

Serosia Tshirt

Serosia Tshirt

Here is the really cool shirt I won: 

It makes me think I will be able to go out and do Science! The way any fan of Aperture Laboratories or Under Water City Rapture/ Above The Clouds City Columbia would.

They just returned to Dallas this winter after a U.S. tour with Sevendust.

So please, support creative work. Buy a track or two from Serosia and come catch a show.

Full Disclosure: It seems that after I discovered this band I found out that Joseph Kuban is one of the members. Joseph and I go way back, but we lost touch via the passage of time. So i'm hoping to catch a Serosia show and surprise him by showing up in this shirt. We'll laugh, we'll cry, it'll be a great night.

For more words on Serosia check out these articles here and here.


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