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This week has been great! Catching up on new music from some of my favorite bands. More after the chart:

Top 10 for the Last 7 days:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.34.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.34.09 PM.png
  1. A Moon Shaped Pool -Radiohead What can I say? Best Album of the year? Probably. I know I cannot get enough of it.
  2. -This Town Needs Guns They may shy away form the genre tag "math rock" but this is some seriously intricate and bewitching time changes and melodies. I love the whole record, but that is common with me, If I'm going to like the band, I'll like al of it, or none of it.
  3. Money Shot -Puscifer It should come to no surprise that my top 10 favorite artist make up more than half  my top ten listened to albums. I've been hitting the treadmill this week, and something about this record just helps push me into the zone.
  4.  Back to the Lake -The Heligoats C. Otepka writes a great deal of songs and they float around in the ether for a number of years, when they find their perfect voice they get put to record. This one has a lot of my favorite live songs from the last 3 years finding purchase among some of my favorite new songs. There is a lot of personal discovery in this album yet, it remains fun, there are some fun campfire songs and some that make you just want to howl at the moon.
  5. Oddfellows -Tomahawk A record full of bangers. This goes back to my treadmill time. Its hard rock, it pumps me up. and Mike Patton is one of my "dinner with any person past or present" I want so much to be able to follow him on tour and do a diary-esque interview. Really see what motivates this guy and how he handles being so insanely talented.
  6. The Bret Crow Show!!! -The Bret Crow Show This one is just fun. Bret Crow is a comedy/singer-songwriter/improv/clown out of Denton, TX. I've had the good fortune of meeting him and even camping with him on a handful of occasions. It's a record that I wholly recommend if you know how to enjoy life.
  7. Rave Tapes -Mogwai Mogwai have been killing it with scores to films and documentaries recently, seeing them live is always the highlight of my year. I go out of my way to make sure I can attend their show every time they come to Dallas and its always so very worth while. Their music transport me another state of being, and when experienced live, there is nothing like it.
  8.  Sol Invictus -Faith No More Tell Me, 2 years ago, how likely did a new faith no more record seem? right! Then for it to be this good. I work in sales, and on days where I have to plow through a bunch of cold calls I jam M*****F****** on my breaks and before and after work. It level sets me. Gets all the ickiness out.
  9. Please Don't Tell EP -Grassfight New Yorkers, the lot of them, but like, in a good way. These cats take ages to put out new music, but when they do, it is refined and in it's idiom. Possibly the most "required listening" on any of my lists are Grassfight. This is two-fold, one, because until you sit and listen you wont understand.  and two, To really get what I'm after, what i'm about, you have to be able to see the majesty of their tracks. Imagine getting to see interpol or radiohead in their college days, now go, listen to Grassfight.
  10. Get Your Life -AVAVA Also New Yorkers, I saw these blokes open for The Polyphonic Spree in williamsburg. I was blown away. A three piece with this much sonic presence was bewilderingly fantastic. Their Keyboardist at one point transitions to being the trumpet player, then changes back in the track 'Feeling All Right'

Thats all for this week folk. Thanks for checking back and I hope to have more music news out as it comes across my desk.