Top 3 Last 6 Months

In the Last 6 months I've listened to over 5802 tracks from ~500 artist. Of those, 1090 tracks have been from these three artists. Which equates to roughly 18.78% of all the music I consume in half a year. I feel its safe to say that when I like an artist, I will listen to them, ALOT. Assuming the average length of a track is 4 mins. We can then extrapolate that I spent ~72 hours listening to just these 3 artists. With a total of ~16.5 days listening to music in a 180 day period. So when it comes right down to it. I want to highlight these three artist, If you don't know them. Please give them a listen. They provide nearly 1/5 of all the music I consumed these last 6 months. 

ARTIST                                                                                                                        PLAYS

1 The Heligoats    
2 Mogwai    
3 Childish Gambino