Stream MERCY the New Track from Rachel Ries!


Ghost of a Gardener Mercy is streaming on USA Today! but you can listen to it here:

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Be sure to check out her site and follow her twitter

I met Rachel Ries in February of 2013. She had come to Dallas on tour with my friend Sarazin Blake. Blake, whom I had met by way of The Heligoats, and I had set up a house show for their stop here in town and brought Rachel Ries along to flesh out the night. I had not listened to her songs before then and was completely blown away by her performance. Somewhere out there I have the recording of that evening and haven't been able to get back to editing it down for posting. But trust me, Her tunes are fresh, and well worth your time to give a listen.

Rachel Ries had turned to Kickstarter for her new album "Ghost of a Gardener" (due out February, 18th, 2014). You can check out the project here: "Ghost of a Gardener" Lets Grow this Album! It ended Successfully! Resulting in releasing the album on CD and Vinyl! Some lucky backers also will be rewarded with "Central Park Foraged Berry Jam" and "a hand sewn fabric sleeve for the vinyl". Now, you have missed out on all this coolness. But Follow her on Facebook and the email newsletter to see if any of these rad things will make a second appearance.

I located this second track for you to investigate: Words

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Here is the place you where looking for this entire post. Preorder "Ghost Of A Gardener" directly from Rachel Ries right HERE.