Host From Broken Prism Games Is Now On Kickstarter!

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 3.30.54 PM I also run an indie game development company called Broken Prism Games. You can follow the blog at Or like us on Facebook.

We have a new game coming out called HOST: A Card Game For The Rest Of Humanity. Which is seeking funding from people just like you. Please check out the Kickstarter campaign

Host: A Card Game For The Rest Of Humanity

The world has reached the first great apocalypse, You're either a brain munching zombie, an interstellar alien, or one of the few keeping them at bay... for now. Collect and trade matching cards to complete your mission for either an alien invasion, wide spread infection, or be humanity's last hope, and cure them all. But every card you draw has a negative and positive value. Will you inadvertently let the enemy win by passing the wrong card. Deception is just as important as luck.

Campaign Video:

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