A Thing Called Open Stage

openstage-logo So, this post is outside of the usual music topics. There is a thing I have been participating in for the last year or so. That thing is Open Stage. Hosted by Russ Sharek. Open stage is every monday night, and recently moved to the new location. Celebration Event Center 2165 W Park Blvd Plano TX 75075. Expect an open-mic-style performance opportunity, that keeps you completely engaged. Actually scratch the open mic concept, think more "Interactive Theater Experience."

If you have somehting you'd like to try out, maybe a new skill like Juggling, SingingMotivational Speaking, Burlesque, Ariel Dancing, or Storytelling. All that and more can be performed there. On stage, under the lights, with an engaged supportive audience. I've found that ever person there wants you to succeed, they all truly want you to be able, and comfortable, to do your best. If you see someone do something that completely blows you away, they'll be willing to talk to you about how they got so good, what books they read, what classes they took, etc.

Those linked skills above will take you to the youtube videos of performances from previous nights. And maybe you think, well I don't want to be on video just yet, well that is groovy, the second half of the show is all off camera and works very much like an open mic, you sign up with a detail of your act, and you'll get your chance to perform.

The audience is regularly 45-60 people strong, all with the same "Show Me Something Awesome" mind set. Good vibes radiate off every person there.

They do have a clearly defined set of rules you should familiarize yourself with. And some amazing photographers including but not limited to: Bryan JakubikCarissa BattaileEric Malmgren and Matt Vanecek. Feel free to go to those links and check out the galleries to get an idea of the variety of acts you'll find there. Also check out their YouTube Channel featuring over 1050 recorded acts stretching back the last 2 years.

If all that sounds awesome to you, and you want to keep it going, but can't make it to any performances,  use this Paypal Donation Link and tell them I sent ya.

If you're just looking for my performances well, Please check out some of the other ones too, but here they are:

Open Stage 2/4/13 - Penguin - YouTube

Open Stage 3/11/13 - Penguin - YouTube

Open Stage 4/8/13 - Penguin - YouTube

Open Stage 5/6/13 - Penguin - YouTube

Open Stage 9/2/13 - Penguin - YouTube


Now, to wrap this up with some music discussion, I think i'll just tag in here some of the things i've been listening to this week: