A VA VA - Get Your Life


A VA VA - Brooklyn Trio formed from some Fort Worth, Tx transplants.

Bass And Vocals: Andrew Thomas Reid (prod for Theophilus London, Freddie Gibbs, Blu).

Trumpet And Keyboard: Jay Jennings (Snarky Puppy, The Polyphonic Spree)

Drums: Cooper Heffley (The Orbans, Sea of Cortez).

Recorded in a single weekend in a hideaway in a cupboard on top of a school in South Bronx. A VA VA's Debut Album 'Get Your Life' Rockets out the gate with the track Feeling All Right, which sets a theme the rest of the record follows, and ties up nicely after a quick dissolve into In Your Dream to Ending to Love Is Electric to Heartbreak to Everything to Feeling All Right (Outro).

If you listen to this recored correctly, in one 22 minutes and 22 second burst, You'll have yourself a sweet little tour through the 7 stages of a relationship: pride, uncertainty, loss, hope, loss again, acceptance, and pride again. This again is all in my little opinion. It's up on spotify, Go listen, you'll agree that it has this very unique quality, the kind that you can't help but tell other people about, If you don't have spotify you can stream it here.

I got to see A VA VA two nights in a row, opening for The Polyphonic Spree and Harper Simon (son of Paul Simon) while I was visiting some friends in New York City, The First night was at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and I was stunned, they looked a bit sloppy, but they where clearly masters of the craft, I hadn't heard any indie bands use effects on a bass, or have a trumpeting keyboardist, so I knew i'd be back the next night, with a fully charge phone to shoot this quick video of them at the Bowery Ballroom. ( I overheard that their car got towed at this show, confirmations hit the comments section please)

If you get the chance to see these guys rocking it live, I fully recommend it. They're putting some pretty real stuff out there. You'll get your chance to jump up and down, to shout along about feeling all right,and then maybe do a little slow dance with your guy or gal pal.

I wish I could end this blog with words that conveys the feeling the Trumpet section in Feeling All Right (Outro) will make you feel. Lets try it, arms raised in front of you and bent upwards at 90 degree angles, hands balled into fists, slowly rising and shaking in a victorious build to a climax where both arms are directly above in a Rocky Balboa sort of way.

Official Video for "Everything"