Wedlock - A Marriage of Styles and Sounds

Wedlock Wedlock is a synth pop band out of Richmond Virginia, I discovered their tracks on and was pleased to near an indie group that can easily slip into my mainstream playlist. When you're feeling for that off center groove, that fresh look at a genre, I personally love scrounging up indie groups, and Wedlock take the cake for the Electro-synth-pop category.

I found myself driving around Brooklyn, NY on a business trip, stuck in traffic heading north up towards the Yankee Stadium trying to get over some washington bridge or another heading to New Jersey, and as frustrating as all that mixed into one afternoon can be, having the ability to listen to my music through the Aux Input of the rental car made everything better, Getting to shout along to Wedlock's track, Reverend Charisma, especially the line "My Name is Jim Jones, My Name is Jim Jones, My Name is Jim Jones, My Name is Jim Jones, My Name is Jim Jones, My Name is Jim Jones". It is very cathartic.

After looking into the band a bit more, via, and their Website, It seems their career has been fraught with worry,  uncertainty, a tumultuous lineup, and various marriages. But It does seem they've weathered all that, and are still touring, and releasing music. Now, I may be wrong here, but some of their newest stuff seems to be collaborations with various groups, and maybe even previous band members. Like Bryanna Rain and 105 Deckowls (a clever rearranging of letters) all cool efforts, and fun to give a listen to as well. Also stumbled across a seperate group Hagiphonic, but couldn't really dig much up on them. Maybe you can, as a interested reader, and toss a link in the comments section.

The best place to start, if you want to get into Wedlock would be their CD on Amalgamy, its sort of an Amalgamation of all the various tracks they've done over the last decade. I talked them into Putting the Tracks up for Free Mp3 download for you guys, so go grab the tracks while you can, give them a listen, and decide for yourself. Hell, if you like it they have a couple other discs up on Amazon you can show them a little love and make a purchase or two