Deep Ellum Is Dead... Or Is It?

DELOGOPressrelease If you want to know about the Music Business, you have to go get involved in it, on any level, be a consumer of it, help further it, post flyers for bands, buy t-shirts, posters and other merchandise... its called a business for a reason. Here’s a comparison, Hot new Video Game Vs. Live Music:

Brand new video game, $65, has 20 hours of gameplay then it collects dust on your shelve, tragic.

Live show, $5-10 for 4-5 hours of entertainment, if you went every friday in any month thats 4 shows, $20-40, 40-50 hours of entertainment, and you still have $25-45 to spend on a cd, or t-shirt of a band that really impressed you, you’ll get all these unique experiences and memories.

Yes you’ll see bad bands, but even video games have that downfall some hour part that is really frustrating but you cant walk away from, but you have a bad band, and then you have good ones, oh man the good bands are the ones you skip work to go see.

Contained here is a record of exactly what Im talking about, here is how I spent 9.3.10 from the hours of 8:30pm to 4:30am

Deep Ellum is alive, Join me and you’ll see for yourself... Friday night, here was my experience.... 8:30p arrive at Mokah Coffee Bar, 2803 Taylor St Dallas Tx, coming form the stage is the sounds of ‘Deep Snapper’ I pay my $5 cover and approach the counter to order a Large LooseLeaf Tea, of all the options I chose ‘Monk’s Prayer’.Monk's PrayerThen headed to the patio to enjoy the weather and plan out the rest of my evening, thats when i got the attention of Nathan Forster frontman of ‘Grassfight’ have a 30 minute conversation about life, recording studios, the strange fire alarm going off down the street, and the importance of fans coming to shows.

9:10-9:20p then its time to head inside, ‘Deep Snapper’ finished their great set of hip and grooving rock “dad-rock” and ‘Grassfight’ took the stage.GrassfightAs usually wow’d me with their atmospheric and intellectual rock, video available here

10:05p Mokah Coffee Bar Closes and I say my farewell to Nathan Forster and Mark Demiglio with Tamsi New nowhere to be found and having to get to the Curtain Club to continue my night.

10:12p arrive at Curtain Club with my pal Art Fernandez of Another Year Colder, I pay my $10 and here the curiously erotic lyrics coming from skinny white Top Gun hat wearing, alligator boot wearing, belt buckle flaunting, well, creep for lack of a better term... I was thinking alien, from space... but I’ve settled on creep. After 30 minutes of amazingly sexually graphic songs I discover this is the mysterious ‘Alligator Dave’.Alligator Dave

12:01a Entering the midnight hour its time to start drinking a little, then I am greeted by the sounds of ‘Frolic’ 58729_565819398177_194603442_32638208_6009117_n-2whom it seems is reuniting for a farewell tour, they announced their frustration about sounding just like ‘Seether’ and I agreed. They are frustratingly just like ‘Seether’ even going so far as to cover a ‘WHAM’ song just like ‘Seether’ although the bassist reported that ‘Frolic’ covered it first, great musicians, mediocre brand, sounding like someone else who is already famous means its time to make a change, highlight was their member named “Shadow” whom played the Saxophone, genius. Walked away from their set early to see what was happening at the sister venue ‘The Liquid Lounge’

12:30a ‘Sidekick Mafia’Sidekick Mafia

over at the ‘Liquid Lounge’ thats right, one cover of $10 at Curtain Club gets you into both venues, anyhow, this is what inspiration looks like. Here’s a quote from my homie Art Fernandez “give me a band playing music with soul to a crowd of no one over a generic band playing to packed house” and I agree.

1:00a taking the stage for finish the night was ‘Robinson Hall’ featuring “Taylor Robinson” another one of those bands with soul, bring a couple guests onstage one from colorado and then also brings “Shadow” up to flaunt the mad-sax skills.

In this hour things got blurry, I enjoyed an extremely well made chopped beef sandwich from a street vendor who will be opening a restaurant called “Mama Faye’s BBQ and Home Cooked FoodsBBQ

to be opened on the corner of Commerce and Walton. Then I met with the enchanting Kim Keebler, the booking agent for Liquid Lounge on the First Friday of each Month, Robert Miguel books Curtain Club on first fridays as well, Kim also runs the shop “In Accord” on the corner of Crowdus and Main juxtapose to the venue she books for. She runs a great shop for independent artists to post flyers and sell cd’s via consignment... okay enough, in my talks with Kim myself and a few others where invited to a very special “After Gig Gathering” that, as these things do, devolved into a drum circle.gatheringI met Charles who books at ‘July Alley’ and made a new friend “Piglet” a very friendly and stubborn dog that wouldn’t give up this length of rope and after twenty minutes of tug of war and me lifting the dog clear off the ground many times Piglet finely gave up the rope cause I’m that good.

Entering the 4:30a time frame and Im safely at home, if you read this and still say “Deep Ellum is Dead” you clearly don’t go to deep ellum hence causing the sentiment that nothings going on...