Find the details for each service further below, but here is a quick glance at the services we offer and any cost associated with them.

  • Website Ad – $25/month + Copy of game + stretch goals (if successful crowdfunding)
  • Video Ad/Sponsorship (you record) (30 second clip) – $20 per episode
  • Video Ad/Sponsorship (we record) (30 second clip) – $50 per episode
  • Shout out – $5 per episode
  • Game Review – Free, unless rushed
  • Unboxing Video – Free, unless rushed
  • Co-sponsored Contest – Free, you supply the prize.

Website Ad Space

We offer ad space Indie Games and Causes. Basically ad space that is on the top of our BPG blog page. 

The setup  for this is simple: If your Kickstarter is successful, send us at least one copy of your game (with any stretch goals). If you send 2 or more, we will actually use some of the additional copies as prize giveaways to our viewers and newsletter subscribers; which in turn gives you another push of advertisement/marketing at that time. We usually like to arrange for the designer to announce the contest and the winner, at the very least. The image size for this ad should be: 1250×220.

Live Stream Video Review

Here are a few things to know about our review process:

  • Unfortunately, we do not have the time or resources to review Print and Play only games. We require a copy, which does include a playable prototype, in order for Broken Prism Reviews to review a game.
  • I will be playing the game live for the first time. Unboxing and making off the cuff comments on components, rules, and art as I go.
  • All reviews done by Broken Prism Reviews are honest reviews. That might sound like a no-brainer, but we have been contacted in the past to see if we’d only say good things about something. And this is not our policy. We don’t set out to trash a game either, but we are open with our thoughts and opinions on various aspects of a game.
  • We usually record twice a week. And we review 1 games per episode, depending on the length of the game and our ability to get in enough plays. So reviews can take time.
  • If you are unfamiliar with our review process, we look at the following things: Components, Mechanics, Rules, Teachability, Theme, & Fun Factor. Obviously for a prototype/pre-Kickstarter we point out that what we are reviewing is not the final product, etc…
  • We have a review queue. We actually have what we consider 2 queues; The “sent to us for review” queue and the “games we want to review in our collection” queue. We try to merge/rotate between the two to get through as many games as we can. I can’t guarantee how fast your game will be reviewed.
  • We do allow for Kickstarter previews to jump the queue if we feel we can get the episode out in time. But if that’s not going to be possible, we add each game to the queue in the order we get them and work up the list as we can. If we can get a copy in our hands and know your project start date; we’ll get a review in; either just before or soon after your project goes live. The best way to make sure we can review your game prior to your Kickstarter being launched is to provide us with a copy at least 30 days before launch.
  • While we do not charge for reviewing a game but For any game that has a rush review associated with it; we will charge $25 per week we don’t have it 60 days prior to recording the review. So if we get the game and we only have four weeks to record; we’ll charge a “rush review” fee of $100. This is really to cover our time and effort to rearrange our planned game reviews, etc… But if you get it to us with 60 days or more, there is no charge to be in our review queue. There is also no charge if you don’t mind just being added to the queue for review. This also applies to initial impression game videos as well, but we don’t charge twice if we’re planning a podcast review and initial impression game video.
  • If we don’t think we can review your game in the time requested; we’ll make that decision upfront and let you know prior to any money being exchanged.

Unboxing Videos

We also offer Unboxing videos on our YouTube channel. Unboxing videos are not as in-depth as our reviews, but do have the added benefit of the visual component. We share our videos on our website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and on BGG if your game is listed there.

** We require the same 60 day planning period with Unboxing videos. The rush review fee applies to videos as well.

Video Ads/Sponsorship

We have recently been getting a lot of inquiries into offering ads on the site and videos. So we have come up with the following terms that we think are fair for all involved.

We have a steadily growing audience and currently sit at over 200 monthly views. In order to make our rate work for both our needs, and so that you get the most for your advertising budget, we’ve set the following rates:

  • 30-second ad, where you record the audio: $20 per episode.
  • 30-second ad, where we record the video (you provide bullet items of what you’d like us to cover): $50 per episode.

If you would like to sponsor a contest, we can arrange that as well. Simply contact Broken Prism Reviews with the title of the game you wish to have us giveaway, any ideas you have for the contest, and any timed events you might be trying to match up with the contest. Whenever possible, we like to have the sponsor participate in announcing the start of the contest, and the winners of the contest.

To inquire about any of these options, please use our contact form.